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Boot Camp 2017

Dota2 Boot Camp 2017

dota2 Boot campSinister5 players travelled from all over South Africa, including George, Cape Town and Bloemfontein, to get to JHB for the first Sinister5 Boot Camp.

Clouds End and Valhalla over 54 scrims each, over the 120 hour period. Five new strategies were developed, with a 15 new drafts ideas emerging from those strategies.

With a few exceptions for eating and minor hours for sleeping, the Sinister5 team spent most of their time in the dark, practising, strategizing and debating over player options, items, timing and overall attack concepts, then put those theories into practice.

The Dota2 Boot Camp has already paid off, with Sinister5 Valhalla using one of those strategies in the games against Pulse.Salt last night, during the Emerald Genesis Proving Ground Tournament. This win ensures they are in the final 8, which was needed to quality for the Emerald Showdown on the 30th of January 2017.

Sinister5 Clouds End unfortunately didn’t quiet make the win they needed, but hope to redeem themselves in the Emerald Genesis Do-or-Die Proving Grounds on the 23rd of Jan 2017.

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