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Sinister5 Valhalla vs puLse.Salt – Emerald Genesis

Dota2 Ogre

Sinister5 Valhalla came out pumped from the word go in the first game between them and puLse.Salt [sanTa, Scrat, Captain NaCI, Deathy, Fnnr) for the Emerald Genesis Qualifier Match. With support from MrBeckerling (Ogre) and Reapo (Winter Wyvern), F3arbender (Invoker) was able to get multiple triple kills, with Nubbie (Juggernaut) and FSM (Slardar). They Ended on a strong 25 kills vs 9, the game finished under half an hour.

The second game started slow for Sinister5 Valhalla. PuLse.Salt seemed to have the slight upper edge with Sinister.5Valhalla always just losing a little short. At about the half way mark things turned around, as Nubbie (Slark), FSM (Slardar) and F3arBender (Mirana) tanked up beyond what puLse.Salt could handle. MrBeckerling (Jakiro) and Reapo (Winter Wyvern) continued their strong support and ensured the map was visible at all times.

PuLse.Salt made a few unwise decisions and called it GG at 36:22 minutes, with Sinister5 Valhalla total number of kills at 27 and puLse.Salt only 18.

This win ensured that Sinister5 Valhalla are in the top eight of the Emerald Genesis Proving Tournament, and therefore guaranteed to make it to the Emerald Showdown on the 30 of Jan 2017. However, Sinister5 Valhalla don’t want to just ‘make it,’ they want to take the win.

Watch tonight at 8:30 where Sinister5 Valhalla take on hiVe. Entropy.

Watch the Highlights from both Game 1 and Game 2

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