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With only a month into the new year, Sinister5 is already showing their winning goals for 2017. Sinister5 Burning (the recently renamed Cloud End) has won the Emerald Do-or-Die Proving Grounds. They fought (and won) against Online Godz, Ventus Green, CN.Red and [ErA]Invicta. Their last competitors, WkD.Salt, forfeited at the last moment, resulting in Sinister5 Burning being the ultimate winner. This will mean that Sinister5 Burning will advance into the Emerald Showdown, starting tonight.

Oom Rebellion CupThe top eight finishers in the Emerald Genesis Proving Ground will compete in the Emerald Showdown, against the top eight teams from the Emerald Do-or-Die Proving Grounds. As Sinister5 Valhalla was in the top eight for original Emerald Genesis Proving Ground, both Sinister5 teams will be in the Emerald Showdown.

Meanwhile, Om Majors: Rebellion Cup has started and both teams were successful in their first round group stage games. The next game for Sinister5 Burning is this evening, against Secret Assailants (at 8:00pm) and Sinister5 Valhalla are against $adBoy$ on Friday the 3rd of Feb (at 8:00pm).

But Dota2 isn’t only where Sinister5 is shining. Hearthstone Sinister5 representative, Carl Beckerling, is playing in the Hearthstone First Division Telkom DGL League and has won 3-2 against MackyBoi. His next match is against Leeu Willem sometime in Feburary.

Seems like Sinister5 has arrived in 2017 running.

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