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Hearthstone: First Division: Telkom DGL: Sin5 Carl vs Leeu

With 2:1 to Sinister5 Carl, we enter the fourth game of Hearthstone between Sinister5 Carl vs Leeu.

Sinister5 Carl has gone with a late game Warlock Reno Jackson deck, while Leeu is sitting with an early-mid game Rogue Edwin VanCleef deck. Leeu is down to less than three cards, but is sitting pretty with a 10-8 Edwin VanCleef, a few tenacles and  Gadgetzan Auctioneer drawing him new cards. Sinister5 Carl takes a slight risk, dropping his health from 14 to 12 and uses his Warlock Draw-Card power. It pays off as he gets the Twisting Nether – Destroy all Minions card. However he is short on mana at 5/7. He boosts his mana back up with a coin to 6/7 and plays the Reno Jackson so that he can survive another turn.

Leeu smacks him with his beefed up 10/8 Edwin VanCleef, and other cards, knocking Sinister5 Carl back from full 30 to 12 health.  But then Sinister5 Carl destroys all minions, with the Twisting Nether and slowly fights his way back with a combination of lucky taunts, Abyssal Enforcer battlecry and some deal damage direct cards. Eventually the game is the called by Leeu, with both players on 5 health. The only difference is that Sinister5 Carl is sitting with 16 damage and Leeu just has his Rogue 1/2 hero power dagger to defend himself.

The game finishes with 3-1 to Sinister5 Carl.

Sinister5 Carl is currently sharing first place of the DGL First Division Ladder, with Jimmy The Hand, both with 12 points. Sinister5 Carl will be playing GrazE_^ in round 4 later this month. The First Division League is currently made up of 9 rounds.


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