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Sinister5 Burning Vs [ErA]Invicta: Do-or-Die Dota2 Emerald Tournament

Do or die Dota2

This video highlights the last game of the Emerald Do-or-Die Proving game, with Sinister5‘s new team Burning, vs [ErA]Invicta. This is the first tournament for the new team, consisting of Cloud, Voodoo, Potas, Piksteel and FlingFlang.

Underload Dota2The first game started out with both teams coming head strong. But it was Sinister5 Burning that made first blood, with Invoker (Voodoo) taking out Ember Spirit (YoFactor). This was followed shortly by Vengeful Spirit (Mr. Panda) being wiped out by Axe (Potas). However, Vengeful Spirit had his revenge as the Tower took out Axe seconds later.
Invoker was on point throughout the whole game, ensuring those Sun Strikes hit their targets perfectly, allowing for the ‘almost kills’ to be guaranteed deaths. Shadow Demon (FlingFlang) has to be also mentioned, as his Disruption kept the enemy contained while the team bombarded the area, including well aimed Ghostship‘s from Kunkka (Pitsteel).
At the end of the first game, it was obvious that [ErA]Invicta had no push with their all Agility and Intelligence draft, while Sinister5 Burning had a better balanced team.

At the end it was 38 kills to 10.

[ErA]Invicta tried to include a little Strength in the second game, with the aid of Timbersaw, but [ErA]Invicta never saw their late game strategy come to life, as Sinister5 Burning crushed them within half an hour. Their over whelming muscle combination of Life Stealer (Cloud), Undying (Piksteel) and UnderLord (Potas) with support from Witch Doctor (Flingflang) proved too much. Even if [ErA]Invicta managed to get there, Sinister5 Burning ensured Ember Spirit (Voodoo) would solve the Timbersaw issue.
Sinister5 Burning came out strong, getting in the first 3 kills before [ErA]Invicta managed to pin down UnderLord. Things were just starting to equal out for [ErA]Invicta for the first 10 kills. But thenĀ  afterwards Sinister5 Burning just took over and by 20 minutes it was 11 kills to 23. They didn’t manage a single kill afterwards.

By the time GG was called and Witch Doctor did his last Death Ward dance, it was 11 kills to 40.

Sinister5 Burning won the Emerald Do-or-Die and are now in the Emerald Showdown, along with team mates Sinister5 Valhalla. They have both won their first game in the Showdown and now have to face each other in the second game tonight at 8pm.

Sinister5 Valhalla member, Farbender, will be streaming on Twitch TV at 8:00pm tonight if you want to watch it live.

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