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Hearthstone: Telkom DGL Qualification – Do or Die Proving Grounds

Sinister5 Hearthstone player, Carl, has qualified in the Emerald Do-or-Die Proving Grounds. Similar to the Dota2 Emerald Tournament, the top 8 finishers in the Emerald Do-of-Die Proving Ground will compete in the Emerald Showdown against the top 8 players from the Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds. The Emerald Showdown starts on […]

Hearthstone: First Division: Telkom DGL: Sin5 Carl vs Leeu

With 2:1 to Sinister5 Carl, we enter the fourth game of Hearthstone between Sinister5 Carl vs Leeu. Sinister5 Carl has gone with a late game Warlock Reno Jackson deck, while Leeu is sitting with an early-mid game Rogue Edwin VanCleef deck. Leeu is down to less than three cards, but […]

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Sinister5 Burning Vs [ErA]Invicta: Do-or-Die Dota2 Emerald Tournament

This video highlights the last game of the Emerald Do-or-Die Proving game, with Sinister5‘s new team Burning, vs [ErA]Invicta. This is the first tournament for the new team, consisting of Cloud, Voodoo, Potas, Piksteel and FlingFlang. The first game started out with both teams coming head strong. But it was […]

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Showdowns, Tournaments and Rebellion Cup

With only a month into the new year, Sinister5 is already showing their winning goals for 2017. Sinister5 Burning (the recently renamed Cloud End) has won the Emerald Do-or-Die Proving Grounds. They fought (and won) against Online Godz, Ventus Green, CN.Red and [ErA]Invicta. Their last competitors, WkD.Salt, forfeited at the […]

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Sinister5 Valhalla vs puLse.Salt – Emerald Genesis

Sinister5 Valhalla came out pumped from the word go in the first game between them and puLse.Salt [sanTa, Scrat, Captain NaCI, Deathy, Fnnr) for the Emerald Genesis Qualifier Match. With support from MrBeckerling (Ogre) and Reapo (Winter Wyvern), F3arbender (Invoker) was able to get multiple triple kills, with Nubbie (Juggernaut) […]

Dota2 Boot Camp 2017

Boot Camp 2017

Sinister5 players travelled from all over South Africa, including George, Cape Town and Bloemfontein, to get to JHB for the first Sinister5 Boot Camp. Clouds End and Valhalla over 54 scrims each, over the 120 hour period. Five new strategies were developed, with a 15 new drafts ideas emerging from […]

Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) | DotA2 Emerald Genesis Qualifier

“At the beginning of 2017 Telkom announced massive changes to the South African esports scene in the form of their new qualifiers structure. These series of convoluted tournaments massively impact which teams will be attending DGL Masters Cups (of which there are two) and the annual DGL Championships this year.  […]

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Best Plays from October 2017

Sinister5 Best Plays for October 2016. Best plays from the games during October. Winner goes to General Grootwors, in the Clouds-End team for the best play of the month – triple kill with Axe.

Best 10 plays of October 2016

We are looking for nominations of what you consider to be Sinister5 (Reborn/Valhalla & Clouds End) best plays for October 2015. We are looking for the top 10 from all the videos available. If you have a favourite play that you think is awesome, let us know! You can either […]

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BOTC Cup 2 – Sinister5 Clouds End vs TopK3k Game 2

Highlights from the BOTC Cup 2 Game 2 – Sinister5 vs TopK Casters: Skappie