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Hearthstone: Telkom DGL Qualification – Do or Die Proving Grounds

Sinister5 Hearthstone player, Carl, has qualified in the Emerald Do-or-Die Proving Grounds. Similar to the Dota2 Emerald Tournament, the top 8 finishers in the Emerald Do-of-Die Proving Ground will compete in the Emerald Showdown against the top 8 players from the Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds. The Emerald Showdown starts on […]

Emerald Show Down

The top 2 teams from the Emerald Series will compete in the first DGL Community Shield against the top 2 from the Sapphire series and the lower 4 teams from the Masters League.  Format:  Game mode: 5 vs 5 Single Elimination Best of 3 maps Schedule: Hard booking Overtime: Yes Roster […]

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Sinister5 Valhalla vs puLse.Salt – Emerald Genesis

Sinister5 Valhalla came out pumped from the word go in the first game between them and puLse.Salt [sanTa, Scrat, Captain NaCI, Deathy, Fnnr) for the Emerald Genesis Qualifier Match. With support from MrBeckerling (Ogre) and Reapo (Winter Wyvern), F3arbender (Invoker) was able to get multiple triple kills, with Nubbie (Juggernaut) […]

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BOTC Cup 2 – Sinister5 Clouds End vs TopK3k Game 2

Highlights from the BOTC Cup 2 Game 2 – Sinister5 vs TopK Casters: Skappie

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BOTC Cup 2 – Sinister5 Clouds End vs TopK3k Game 1

Highlights from the BOTC Cup 2 Game 1 – Sinister5 vs TopK Casters: Skappie

BOTC Cup 3

BOTC Cup 3: Sinister5 vs Zephyr.VcT

The Battle of the Clans cups are run weekly, which means we will go from the first round to the finals in a single week. These cups are fast paced and matches can potentially run every day of the week. Format Game mode: Captains Mode Fielded players: 5vs5 Players per […]